Snail Cutter


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Snail Cutter

This little cutie will provide even more excitement for your child’s sensory play session and is a great companion with our clay dough and rolling pins. Another great way to use your cutters is by making some cookies.

Being able to provide children with unique resources has always been our mission and this snail cutter is no exception. It has been carefully designed and handmade right here in Australia. This particular design has been developed with children in mind, we all know how they like to do things for themselves and they will be able to create their own little sensory wonderland with this cutter.

Our cutters are made with PLA filament, which is a biodegradable filament obtained from renewable and natural raw materials such as corn. Because of its biodegradable properties we recommend cleaning them carefully with a damp cloth to prolong the life of your cutter.

Snail cutter measures roughly 8 x 6 cm

Made exclusively for Sarika and Sage by Tommi Creative.


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